The Print Refinery Unplugged

The Print Refinery Unplugged

Are you interested in learning more about The Print RefineryTM licensing opportunity? Attend this session for detailed discussion and Q+A for any interest level.

So, you want to open a business – but not just any business. You’re looking for something unique – the right fit. A business that aligns with your interests, yet lucrative enough to provide financial success. A business where you can put your imagination to work every day. A dynamic business filled with personality and potential. Welcome to The Print RefineryTM.

The go-to place for creative solutions

The Print RefineryTM (PR) has reinvented the retail experience with an innovative new approach to the specialty photo model. Through customer collaboration, consultation and education, as well as profitable commercial sales markets, The Print RefineryTM opens the door to new opportunities. It is a local destination that inspires its guests to creatively tell the stories of families, friendships and businesses in unique ways.

The Print RefineryTM fuses high-tech innovations with creative storytelling in an interactive hub of ingenuity. It is the place to explore unique photographic and print solutions relating to mobile technology, photography, imagery, graphics and video.

Simply put – PR team members are print and design experts with a knack for bringing ideas to life – for both retail and commercial clients. They serve busy professionals and local individuals with cutting-edge creative solutions and design services that make it fun and easy to produce everything from polished, branded business documents and promotional products to heartfelt gifts and personalized home décor.

Fall in love with PR.

The Print RefineryTM gives the socially savvy, the creatives, the photographers, the techies, and the passionate entrepreneurs a chance to own a profitable business that aligns with their personalities and goals. It’s a proven independent business model that offers the perfect marriage of creativity and innovation.
A dynamic + modern brand

The Print RefineryTM is its own self-sustaining brand. It exists as a stand-alone store, though there are options available for co-branding and store-within-a-store licenses. PR stores can be up and running within only 90 days and are highly compatible with print shops, camera stores, stationery boutiques and portrait studios.
There’s absolutely no guesswork.

Every PR licensee and their team receives comprehensive strategic support along with an array of critical operations solutions that every business needs to be successful, including:

  • In-Depth Team Training Programs
  • Business Operations Solutions
  • Retail Store Design
  • Merchandising + Displays
  • Consumer Education Classes + Events
  • Signature Products + Services
  • Local + Global Managed Marketing
  • Website + Email Management
  • Business Development Coaching
  • Commercial Sales Training

IPI – Member Network, the development organization behind The Print RefineryTM, provides ongoing support for every licensee for the life of the business. You’re never alone, and you can stop worrying about what’s next and focus on enjoying your business.

Licensees of The Print RefineryTM are in love with their businesses! They thrive in beautiful stores with engaging atmospheres. They’ve rediscovered their passion through innovation and community interaction. Best of all, they didn’t have to create the wheel themselves.

The Numbers:

  • 80{23bdbb76e326cb4e3bc22ff861fbe55bed994079c805a864ce6e7488a9eee389} average margins
  • Multiple targets for maximum sales results: 50{23bdbb76e326cb4e3bc22ff861fbe55bed994079c805a864ce6e7488a9eee389} in-store/online retail and 50{23bdbb76e326cb4e3bc22ff861fbe55bed994079c805a864ce6e7488a9eee389} outside commercial
  • Low startup cost – just $7500!
  • Low monthly licensing fee of $600!
  • Unlike most franchise models, PR doesn’t take a percentage of your sales.
  • Minimum commitment is only two years.
  • Estimated initial investment is only $50,000-$150,000.