The Ultimate Sales Boot Camp with Dave Fellman

So you want to sell more? More retail with higher value? More B2B with higher profit margins? More school accounts? More sports teams? You name it; this Boot Camp covers it!

How do you define “selling?” Dave Fellman defines it this way: Selling is the act of helping people to make the decision to buy from you. It’s not a high-pressure activity, and it doesn’t require any specific sort of sales personality. It’s more about conversation than a presentation, and in The Ultimate Sales Boot Camp, Dave Fellman is going to teach you how to have the kind of sales conversations that will enable you to grow your business significantly.

Fellman’s approach to sales training is a combination of skills, strategy and attitude. The “attitude adjustment” starts with How To Think Like A Winning Salesperson and finishes with Goalsetting and Achievement. The skills & strategy component starts with Prospecting in the 21st Century and continues through How To Get Maximum Value From Every Customer. This is a full-day program, full of practical and proven concepts.

Dave Fellman brings nearly 40 years of printing sales experience to the table. Prior to founding his consulting practice, he was a top performer for one of the largest printing companies in the world. In 29 years as a speaker, author and consultant, he has trained/coached/influenced many thousands of printing salespeople, ranging from “quick” printers to the most sophisticated “specialty graphics” printers. He’s been a featured speaker at industry events across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He’s the author of Sell More Printing and has published more than 300 articles on printing sales in industry publications around the world.

You will leave The Ultimate Sales Boot Camp with the knowledge – and almost certainly the motivation – to succeed. But that’s not all this program can provide for you. This year’s Boot Camp includes an ongoing coaching program. Over the first 30 days after you return home, you’ll have 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Dave. This is meant to ensure that you don’t lose the momentum you’ll bring home with you, and to make sure that you can apply Dave’s sales principles to your own specific situations and opportunities. And if you want to extend this coaching program, that can be arranged!

  1. How To Think Like A Winning Salesperson — The first step toward being a winner in sales is to think like a winner, but there’s a lot more to this than motivational books and tapes. In this segment, Dave Fellman explains the kinds of things winners think about, not just the power of positive thinking, but the foundations of effective selling strategy.
  2. Prospecting In The 21st Century — Prospecting is both an art and a science. It’s an art because prospecting in the 21st Century requires some creativity. It’s a science because prospecting effectiveness can — and should! — be measured. This segment will define a step-by-step, process approach to prospecting, facing each of the many prospecting challenges in turn. You’ll also learn how networking fits into a solid business-building strategy.
  3. Following Up On Sales Leads & Inquiries – When your marketing and advertising are working you get leads and inquiries, and most salespeople would agree that selling is easier when the buyer initiates the conversation. A lead is only a lead, though, and it still usually takes some selling to close the sale. This segment will explain how to quickly evaluate the quality of leads and inquiries and how to follow up efficiently, effectively and appropriately.
  4. Fact Finding, Opinion Finding and Opportunity Finding Questioning Skills — Most salespeople seem intent on making “sales presentations” on their first meetings with potential clients. Dave Fellman says that the first meeting should be more about learning about them, not just telling them about you. In this segment, he’ll explain what questions to ask in order to identify not just printing needs, but real opportunities to displace the current supplier.
  5. Uncommon Solutions For Common Obstacles and Objections — Customers and prospects are really pretty predictable in terms of the objections and obstacles they raise. This segment will introduce strategies for handling the four most common initial objections printing salespeople run into, and several more “later stages” objections.
  6. Negotiation Skills & Strategy — When a customer raises a price objection, it’s an invitation to negotiate, but that doesn’t mean automatically lowering your price! In this segment, Dave Fellman will teach how to negotiate more effectively, explaining the three fundamentals of this advanced selling skill.
  7. How To Get Maximum Value From Every Customer — According to Fellman, each and every current customer provides three distinct levels of value. First is the value of what they’re buying from you now. Second is the value of what they could be buying from you. Third is the value of influence, and the ways in which current customers can help a salesperson to develop new customer relationships. This segment will explain how to protect the first level of value and capture more of the second and third levels.
  8. Goalsetting and Achievement — The pathway to success starts with an understanding of what success looks like, in other words, with goals that define the level of success you’re looking for. Once the goals have been set, the next step is a real plan to achieve them. It’s probably fair to say that many salespeople have the goal but not the plan, and as a result, many of those goals aren’t met. This segment will show how to set reasonable and measurable goals, and build a plan to achieve them.

Post-Boot Camp One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Dave Fellman: These will be done over the phone. You will receive three 30-minute sessions.

Post-Boot Camp Group Networking + Accountability Sessions with Ron Mohney: Share what is working, what isn’t and what you’ve learned. Lean on your peers! Pick the expert mind of Ron Mohney! These will be done via GoToMeeting on the best time and date for maximum participation as voted upon by the final participants. Sessions will be held every other week for up to 90 days after Boot Camp (approximately six sessions). At that time, the group will evaluate if and how often to continue.

Instructor BIO: 

 David M. Fellman is the president of David Fellman & Associates, Raleigh NC, a sales & marketing consulting firm serving numerous segments of the graphic arts industry. He is the author of Sell More Printing (2009) and Listen To The Dinosaur (2010), which Selling Power magazine listed as one of its “10 Best Books To Read in 2010.” His articles on sales, marketing and management topics have appeared in a variety of industry publications, and he is a popular speaker who has delivered seminars and keynotes at industry events across the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.